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As a professional wedding and event DJ for the past 24 years I recently decided to offer a PhotoBooth service to help my clients get a great package deal from a professional vendor they can trust. What I have learned is not all PhotoBooths are the same....

As I searched the perfect PhotoBooth to add to my DJ services I came across various types, sizes, shapes and prices. One thing I knew going into this venture is my booth had to be up to the standards of my DJ services. I have made a living providing the best quality professional DJ services I can to my clients and the PhotoBooth I chose had to meet or exceed these same expectations.

As I searched and talked to various manufactures I absorbed a lot of information. I stated I have been in this industry for 24 years so I think I may have even educated some of the manufactures on the wedding industry in this area. I knew I wanted a few things for my PhotoBooth to help set it apart from others. You see I have seen hundreds of these booths at weddings I have worked and was able to see the good and what I consider the bad. I did not want the bad.

I wanted my booth to be enclosed. I have found that people are more likely to utilize the booth and props and have more fun in the booth if it is enclosed. This means that the person who purchased the services of the booth are getting the most bang for their dollar.

I wanted a quality camera to take quality photos. What good is a PhotoBooth is the pictures do not come out clear. I wanted it to be simple to use for the guest when they enter the booth. I decided on a touch screen system, that offers color and black & white prints that works at the touch of the screen. I needed the photoBooth to look professional. The metallic tower booth with raised curtains was the best option to fit this need. I had seen some bad set ups in the past, these set ups were like pop up tents and stood out like sore thumbs at the venue. Once I had the best camera, best touch screen and professional looking set up I needed to ensure the right printer. The photo quality depends on the camera, the system and the printer. I searched and found the perfect fit. We were almost in business.

The next phase was finding the right attendants to work the booth. These attendants had to be friendly, attentive and out going. I found Alison and Anthony, trained them and we were even closer to getting out there. The selection of props and the prop set up was next. I may have went a little overboard here but heck variety is the spice of life so why not offer the best selection of props out there...

The next and final phase was pricing. As with my DJ services I am not trying to hit a home run, just make a living. I looked at the price points and the products out there and said to myself, although I know my booth is better than most, the price has to be just right. We set two main packages up a Three hour booking at 395.00 offering the professional attendant, props, unlimited prints and a digital copy of all photos and prints at the end of the job to the client. The second was a 4 hour price set at 495.00 to include all the same and the addition of a scrap book. We were in business and the feedback has been incredible.

The point to this blog is not all PhotoBooths are the same don't just look at the price, look at the quality of the booth and the experience of the vendor. A PhotoBooth can add tons of excitement to a wedding or event however it must be the right one for you and from a vendor with event and wedding experience.

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